[EUROPE] STEPP, the pilot Joint-Technology Initiative for Space

The “simplest” problems in space have already been solved, and the remaining ones are many times more complex.

We have been to the moon, now we target the planets, the sun and deep space. In the context of these historic challenges, the Space industry is also undergoing a market revolution, caused by digitalization, “New Space” actors (SpaceX, Blue Origin, etc.), fast acceleration of innovation cycles and increased risk-taking. Market demand and share are rapidly shifting from flight-proven to cutting-edge solutions.

The success of European New Space in the face of these great challenges requires public and private stakeholders along the value chain to innovate rapidly and efficiently to develop world-first and competitive European technologies and approaches. To help coordinate and fund this ambitious effort, space stakeholders are designing and demonstrating a pilot Joint Technology Initiative (JTI) for space, entitled “Space Technologies for Europe” (STEPP). This industry-driven, public-private partnership between the European space industry and the European Commission will complement public procurement and the future FP9 space programme.

Following the Signing ceremony of the JTI Pilot Project, STEPP and ASD EuroSpace published reports on the JTI design and ambition in February 2018 (link). The viability of the space JTI will be tested in two pilot calls for proposals on the subjects of « de-orbiting » and « Innovative (critical) materials ».

To join the ongoing consultations, you may complete the short online registration form. Two key consultation events are planned in 2018:

  • 16th and 17th May 2018: Mapping outreach workshops for both pilot themes (critical materials and deorbiting) in Brussels;
  • 18th or 20th September 2018: Potential areas for JTI implementation outreach workshop in Brussels.

You may learn more about the STEPP JTI pilot-project here or by contacting us.

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